Saravana Palace

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" Vegeterian can be delicious. Give us an opportunity to prove "

Tomato Soup
- Mildly spiced light tomato soup flavored with herbs.
- A traditional south indian sour and spicy soup.
Mulligatawny Soup
- Lentil based special Indian soup
Hot and Sour Soup
- Chinese style soup
- Lentil based vegetable stew
Bhel Puri
- Crispy rice flakes mixed with tomatoes, onions and sauces.
Chaat Papdi
- Tortilla chips mixed with potatoes and topped with yogurt and tamarind sauces.
Pani Puri
- Tiny little wheat shells served with potatoes, chickpeas and spiced water.
Samosa Chaat
- Samosa crushed and topped with onion, tomato and sauces.
Chaat Bhandar
- Sampler sized bhel puri, chaat papdi and pani puri.
Gobi Manchurian Dry
- Crispy cauliflower mixed with tomatoes, onions, chilli sauce and soy sauce.
Tandoori Paneer Tikka
- Marinated paneer (Indian Cheese) chunks and vegetable grilled in tandoori oven.
Vegetable Spring Rolls
- Crispy pastries filled with vegetables.
Regular Idli ( 3 pc )
- Soft stramed patty made with fermented rice and lentil flour.
Sambar Idli
- Soft steamed patty soaked in smabar.
Idli Vada Combo
- Soft stramed patty made with fermented riceand lentil flour.
Medhu Vada ( 2 pc )
- Donut shaped fried delicacy made out of lentils.
sambar Vada ( 2 pc )
- Donut shaped fried delicacy soaked in sambar.
Rasa Vada ( 2 pc )
- Donut shaped fried delicacy soaked in rasam.
Punugulu - Bite Sized
- Deep fried snack made with rice, urad dal and other spices.
Veg Samosa ( 2 pc )
- Potato, onion, green pea stuffed pastry.
Veg Cutlet ( 2 pc )
- Deep fried vegetarian patty with gram flour.
Spinach Pakora ( 6 pc )
- Deep fried spinach leaves.
Vada Pav
- Bread stuffed with deep fried spicy potato patty.
Chilli Pakora
- Deep fried green chilli dipped in gram flour batter.
Saravana Cut Mirchi
- Stuffed long green chilli dipped in gram flour batter and fried.
Mixed Vegetable Pakora
- Assortment of potato, onion, cauliflower, spinach and chillies battered in gram flour..
Paneer Pakora ( 8 pc )
- Paneer chunks deep fried with masala batter.
Paneer Kati Roll ( 2pc )
- Wrap of paneer and spices rolled into paratha.
Assorted Appetizers
- Combination of vada, cutlet, samosa, chilli pakora and potato pakora..
Gobi 65
- Cauliflower coasted with fresh ground masala.
Plain Dosa
- Thin rice crepe served with sambar and chutney.
Masala Dosa
- Dosa filled with oninon and potato curry.
Plain Mysore Dosa
- Dosa with innner layers of spicy sauce .
Mysore Masala Dosa
- Masala Dosa with inner layers of spicy sauce.
Onion Dosa
- Dosa filled with minced raw onions.
Onion Chilli Masala Dosa
- Dosa filled with minced raw onions and green peppers.
Onion Masala Dosa
- Masala Dosa filled with minced raw oninons.
Ghee Roast
- Plain dosa fried with butter.
Butter Masala Dosa
- Masal dosa fried with butter.
Plain Rava Dosa
- Dosa made out of wheat and lentil flour.
Onion Rava Dosa
- Rava dosa filled with minced raw onions.
Rava Masala Dosa
- Rava dosa filled with potato masala.
Onion Rava Masala Dosa
- Rava Masala Dosa filled with minced raw oninons.
Jaipuri Paneer Dosa
- Dosa with grated cottage cheese, onions and tomatoes.
Saravana Special Spring Dosa
- Dosa filled with chinese type minced fresh vegetables.
Plain Paer Dosa
- Very large sized crispy dosa.
Paper Masala Dosa
- Paper Dosa filled with potato masala.
Andhra Special Chilli Dosa
- Masala Dosa filled with red chilli paste.
Karam Dosa
- Dosa with onion, chilli paste and gram flour.
Mint Plain Dosa
- Dosa garnished with mint sauce.
Mint Masala Dosa
- Mint Dosa filled with potato masala.
Upma Dosa
- Dosa filled with semolina grits upma.
Milagaipodi Dosa
- Dosa with a layer of spiced lentil powder.
Milagaipodi Masala Dosa
- Milagaipodi dosa with potato masala.
MLA Pesarattu
- Dosa style crepe made with green lentil batter and filled with minced onions, ginger, chilli.
Pesarattu Upma
- Pesarattu filled with semolina grits upma.
Plain Uthappam
- Indian style pancake roase made out of rice and lentil flour.
  Onion, Peas, Tomato, Hot Green Chilli can be added as extra toppings.
Tadka Dal ( Yellow Dal )
- Boiled lentils and herbs garnished with garlic.
   spinach can be added as extra
Potato Podimas
- South Indian style potato.
Alu Gobi
- Cauliflower and potatoes in exotic spices.
Alu Mutter
- Potatoes and green peas in thick sauce.
Channa Masala
- Chickpeas cooked in exotic masala spices.
Bendi Fry
- Tender okra and onions mixed wiht spices.
Baingan Bartha
- Smoked indian eggplant baked and cooked with tomatoes, onions.
Vegetable Korma
- Spiced fresh vegetables made in coconut milk.
Kadhi Pakora
- Yogurt based gravy with fried onion pakoras.
Mirchi Ka Salon
- Peanut and sesame sauce with Jalpeno.
Guthi Vankaya
- Hyderabadi special tender eggplants roasted and cooked in special spicy gravy.
Malai Kofta
- Cottage cheese and mixed vegetable dumplings simmered in rich creamy sauce.
Sarson Ka Saag
- Mustard leaves cooked with spices in ghee.
Kofta Sub Bajar
- Kofta balls in creamy and spinach sauce.
Mutter Paneer
- Green peas and cottage cheese with spices.
Paneer Butter Masala
- Cottage cheese in butter gravy and exotic spices.
Paneer Vindaloo
- South Indian spicy curry with cottage cheese.
Palak Paneer
- Spinach and cottage cheese cooked with tomaotes, onions and indian spices.
Kadai Paneer
- Cottage cheese with onions, tomatoes and green peppers in rich gravy.
Paneer Tikka Masala
- Tandoori baked cottage cheese in gravy.
Shahi Paneer
- Cottage cheese cooked with bell peppers in a buttery tomato gravy.
Chilli Paneer ( Dry/Gravy )
- Paneer spiced in chinese style to burning hot.
Gobi Manchurian Gravy
- Marinated cauliflower cooked in spicy manchurian sauce.
Hakka Noodles
- Stir fired noodles with veggies and sauces.
Vegetable Fried Rice
- Stir fried rice with veggies and sauces.
Vegetable Biryani
- Rice cooked with vegetables and aromatic spices.
Bisi Bile Bhath
- Karnataka speciality featuring rice cooked ina special gravy with lentils and vegetables.
Yogurt Rice
- yogurt mixec with cokked rice, herbs and spices.
Coconut Rice
- Rice cooked with coconut tempered with mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves..
Tamarind Rice
- Rice cooked with tamarind paste, peanuts, red chillies and other herbs and spices.
Tomato Rice
- Rice cooked with onions, tomatoes, cashew nuts and spices.
Lemon Rice
- Rice mixed with lemon juice, peanuts, chilli peppers,herbs and spices.
Kids Idli
- 2 pieces regular sized idli.
Kids Puri
- one regular sized puri.
   with potato bhaji
   with channa
Kids Plain Dosa
- Kids sized plain dosa.
Kids Masala Dosa
- Kids sized dosa filled witrh masala.
Cheese Dosa
- Dosa filled witrh cheese.
French Fries
- allumette cut deep-fried potatoes .
Plain Paratha
- Pan fried whole wheat bread.
   Alu Paratha
   Peas Partatha
   Pudina Paratha
- Deep fried esxtra large puffy bread.
Chapati ( Pulka )
- Single layer wheat bread done on open flame.
- Soft bread baked in tandoori clay oven.
   Garlic Naan
   Onion Kulcha
   Paneer Kulcha
Puri ( 2 pc )
- Deep fried whole wheat puffed bread.
Tandoori Roti
- Whole wheat bread baked in tandoori clay oven.
Bread Basket
- Combo of 1 Plain Naan, 1 Garlic Naan, 1 Onion Kulcha.
Malabar Adai
- Indian style pancake made out of black lentil batter topped with freshly chopped onions.
Malabar Parotta
- South indian style layered parotta served with korma.
- Rice and lentils boiled in pongal style.
Channa Batura
- Extra large deep fried puffy bread served with chickpeas curry.
Puri Specials
- Two piece whole wheat deep fried bread.
   with Potato Bhaji
   with Channa
Special Upma
- Semolina grits cooked along with onions, chillies, garnished with cashews, peanut and butter.
Pav Bhaji
- Spicy gravy with tomato, mashed potato served with indian style bread.